ZipGlove was created by two families in the Northeast who were united in three things:  1) our sons and daughters’ best friendships; 2) our love of seeing our sons and daughters enjoying magical playtime out in the cold and snow; and 3) the frustration of getting typical winter gloves on our children’s tiny fingers and hands.  As frustrating as putting gloves on (and doing it over again when they fell off) was for us as parents, it was even more frustrating for our kids.  We were taking away from their play time fussing with the gloves!!  After a particularly frustrating snowy morning - there may have been tears - and gloves still half on with fingers misaligned, we were convinced that there had to be a better way.  This was not the outdoor winter experience that we wanted for our kids.

We searched, but there was no better way to be found.  So, leveraging our collective experience across engineering, fashion, consumer products and technology, we decided to create it:  ZipGlove.  We spent over a year perfecting the design and securing only the highest quality materials and manufacturer.  Each of our core styles is named after our inspiration – Nate, Blake, Colette and Blair – who are the reason for everything we do.  As we grow our selection, each new style is named after one of our close friends' children.  We know that you will love ZipGlove as much as we all do.  Enjoy less fuss and more fun this winter!